Sunday, August 31, 2008

What I Did On My First Day

1) Woke up about 8:00 in my new, very sweet flat, watched Korean TV for a while. The program appeared to be similar to Star Search. They need to keep looking.

2) Fielded blog responses, added a couple of pics to "Here I Am" post, using my webcam.

3) About noon, tried to walk to my school, but wasn't sure how many blocks to go before turning west, so I ended up wandering the neighborhood for a few hours. I am two blocks away from Korean Air headquarters. The most common stuff in my neighborhood includes car mechanics, pork or seafood restaurants, retail shops of every variety, and huge apartment complexes. Mok-dong is pretty cool.

4) I came home around 16:00 to relax and shower and shave before going to dinner with my boss, Mr. Hwang.

5) Promptly at 18:00, Mr. Hwang appeared at my door. We went to dinner at the "galbi" restaurant in my building (he lives within a five minute walk). The waitstaff set out about ten side dishes--panchan--followed by a heavy metal pot of coals that goes in a hole in the middle of the table. A grill is put on top, and strips of beef put on to cook.

You grab a piece of lettuce or other leafy green, use chopsticks to put two or three grilled beef strips (this is also done with pork) in it, add some of the panchan, wrap it up, and eat it. Not only is it delicious, the chiggae (soup) that comes with it is awesome.

We ate and talked for nearly two hours, sitting on the floor in stocking feet; I feel very positive about it. He will pick me up at 7:30 tomorrow and show me the route to Young-il High School.

6) I went upstairs and changed, then went to one of the three "hofs" downstairs for a draft. In addition to the usual Korean version of beer nuts (see photo below), this one gave me a small plate of sauteed corn and red bell peppers. More deliciousness.
slightly sweetened beer snacks, Korean style
7) I came upstairs, using the stairs, and began this blog post.


Unsinkable Marge said...

I'm confused about your claim that those little hollow combos are nuts? How can this be? What are they made of?
Your pad looks sweeeet. What's in the loft, again?

Tuttle said...

No, they are NOT nuts, but the Korean version of beer nuts--which is to say, what is placed in little bowls for beer consumers to munch on. They are slightly sweet, slightly salty crunchy bits along the lines of Buglers. But better.

BTW, Marge, the "cheapest" digicam I have seen so far in my area is about USD 170-I've got to beat that price, or I simply can't afford it until payday. Believe me, I'm sick about it!