Monday, August 11, 2008

What A Great Party!

I have been feeling ... delicate ... most of the day today. My eyeballs felt jiggly. In an attempt to discover the source of my malaise and splitting headache, I traced backward in time until a pattern began to emerge:

Sun, 3:22 AM - cracked open about my twenty-somethingth beer
Sun, 3:21 AM - laughed at length with Randal about Mark's last-minute fishing competition rules. There was no way he could win, being down 7 to 3, all catfish; so he declared the winner was whoever had caught the most brim, resulting in a tie. Brilliant tactical stroke, even if marginally unethical
. . .
Sun, 2:34 AM - Randal opens a 5 - 0 lead in the fishing tourney as I open about my 18th beer
Sun, 2:33 AM - Brittain disappears into the cabin and "goes to sleep"
Sun, 1:35 AM - on-going hilarity during early stages of fishing tournament
Sun, 12:30 AM - Les goes to cabin, goes to sleep
. . .
Sat, 11:12 PM - The JB Posse departs. We are still having a great time, being together. I start, oh, my twelfth brewski or so
. . .
Sat, 8:29 PM - Several people on the deck/dock over the pond and on the bridge (the pond has a gazebo on a little island in the middle) chatting. My seventh (maybe) beer is opened
Sat, 6:00 PM - people start arriving, even though I'm on my third or fourth beer. Jeff and Dave are among the first
. . .
Sat, 4:21 PM - Greeted by Rod, pop my first beer.
Sat, 4:20 PM - I arrive at Les's cabin for my farewell party. It will be a lot of fun, I can tell. We will laugh, reminisce, share and enjoy another time together--"making memories."

Admittedly, some parts of this description are approximate. Participants should feel free to add corrections, other perspectives and so on at the Comments link below.

Anyway, so I figured out the cause of my headache--right there at Sat, 4:21 PM, that was simply one beer too many.

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Les said...

I take it your not in Korea yet. When you get here, if you want to hang out with a fellow American, feel free to contact me if you are in the Seoul area. I'm not a wierdo or anything, just like meeting new people. you can reach me by email at lpchamness@msn(dot com).