Thursday, August 21, 2008

What A Day!

This morning I took care of most of my remaining business affairs: address changes (to my mail forwarding service), got my traveler's checks (no, I'm not saying how much), and the last of what I need to make the house ship-shape before the For Sale sign goes up. I made arrangements with Servicemaster to clean the carpeting on Friday, and with buddy Chris to take the truck to CarMax on Thursday afternoon.

I also carried virtually the last load to the dump and the last load to the storage unit. Here is a photo:
Storage unit nearly full
We also cleaned the garage (some nasty oil stains) and did the touch-up painting and little fixes. Then we went to buy my new laptop. I got a pretty good deal at Circuit City on a Toshiba Satellite w/17" screen (USD 650, marked down from 800). I got a wireless optical mouse, too. Here is a picture:
My new laptop-P305D-S8828
Since I got a better price than I budgeted, we went next door, to Home Depot, to get Alan a window air conditioner that I noticed him looking at on one of the five thousand trips we made there during the painting, fixing, etc. When we came out of the store, I got an ugly shock. Someone smashed my rear quarterpanel and drove away! Fucking bastard. That will knock 500 to 1000 bucks off the sale price. Yes, I called the police, and will get an incident report in 3 to 5 business days (once I am already in Korea, and once I have already sold the truck!) Fat lot of good that'll do me. Arrrrgggghhhh! Here is a picture of the damage:
What some asshole did to my truck today!
There is, literally, nothing I can do. So I did nothing--well, we went to dinner at Shane's Rib Shack then carried a load of stuff to my brother's place. Now I'm back in my empty home, blogging about it. What a day!

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Rod Griffith said...

I wonder if Home Depot has security cameras in the parking lot. I bet they do.