Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sindorim TechnoMart

I met Gavin on Friday at Sindorim, and noticed there was a TechnoMart there. So I decided to give it a gander today, ostensibly to price out a new, lighter, clip-on style mp3 player. In addition to the TechnoMart, it has a CGV cinema and an E-mart.

First, the entrance plaza from inside the station (near exit 1) is done up with ionic columns and a fountain with statues of Greek gods. I guess nothing says modern electronics and appliances like ancient Mediterranean architecture.

"Sindorim TechnoMart Grand Open" reads the sign below (there's one at each escalator), even though the place has been open for nearly a year and a half!

Each floor has four main aisles that look like this, and there are nine floors of merchandise:

In addition to electronics, there is a level devoted to large furniture--sofa sets, dining rooms, bedrooms--and two floors of clothes and accessories. There is also a "Wedding Day" wedding hall, and a bookstore. Basement Level 2 is a food court--but actually a mediocre one compared to the others I've seen in big buildings. Still, there was a Nolboo, which serves budae jjigae, so I was okay.

There are two escalator banks, one of which has an atrium that is open all the way up:

On the other end of the building, a second bank is open for two flights, and the space between is decorated with seating and art. This one was my favorite:

The top floor has a children's play area, where I was greeted by two massive Lego dinosaurs. Cool:

Still, the function of the place is to provide up-to-date electronics at low, low prices. Alas, on that front, it leaves something to be desired: though selection was larger than at HiMart, the prices were only modestly better, if that.

I didn't buy an mp3 player, but I did buy a book, now that I have finished Kurt Vonnegut's Bluebeard. It is Going Solo, the second volume of Roald Dahl's autobiography, the first volume of which I read quite a few years ago. I cracked it open and read the first two chapters while having lunch. So far, so good.

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