Monday, May 25, 2009

"Job Fair" Off to Good Start

This is the week of my English Job Fair here at 영일고 (Young-il HS). I took the template of an idea at solid ESL website, IMO--and fleshed it out. Last week was the introduction of the vocabulary about interviews, employment, qualifications, compensation, etc.

This week was the job fair itself, so I rearranged the classroom to have 10 interview stations, each manned by the better-speaking students in each class--as determined by the co-teacher in advance. I increased and improved the employer worksheets, with real Korean and international companies, plus a couple of law firms and schools, as well.

Each recruiter is trying to fill two different slots: for instance, Dongwon F&B wants chefs and biologists; Happy Time Academy wants English and History teachers; Wye, Knott, Tsu Law Firm wants lawyers and English interpreters. I also found or made logos and had them laminated.

At the end of my last class on Friday, I had the students move most of the desks into the hall, and I stayed behind for what turned out to be two and a half hours getting everything ready. Here is the set-up, in action:

The job-seekers activity sheet had to be spiffed up too--first of all, the original only provided 7 different prospective employees. I have 36 to 38 students in each class, so I needed 28 sheets, all different (38-10=28). So I created a wide variety of skills, backgrounds and character traits; I also created names with lots of Bs, Fs, Rs and Ls, for practice. There are a minimum of two "matches" for everyone.

I was AMAZED at how well this went! Every student took it at least somewhat seriously, and they were all speaking English, trying to understand and be understood.

Students rotate into the classroom each time a seat comes open, and rotate out through the other door after they finish an interview. That meant there was a group of 16 or so outside in the hallway at any given time. But as an indication of exactly how well it went, we never had to chase students down or round up wanderers--they crowded around the entrance door waiting to get back in! Look:


Foreigner Joy said...

congratulations for a successful lesson ~

SuperDrew said...

Dude, that is good work.

Phoenixstorm said...

Great idea, hope you don't mind if I borrow it. Good work!