Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Night's Alright

Well, I was all prepared to sit down and draw out "The Tale of Lamb Kebabs in Bongcheon; and What We Saw Going and Coming," but I see my blogging nemesis Literaryhero has beaten me to it with a very fine post on the subject, including pictures! However, while he is being insufferable about it (just hover over his pics to see the captions), I shall be as graceful in defeat as I am magnanimous in victory.

I will simply add it was a delightful excursion replete with delicious food, fine beer, and interesting conversation, and move on to more current matters. After all, that was so last night.

1) Justice David Souter is reportedly planning to retire and return to his rustic farmhouse in New Hampshire, which probably won't be taken from him under imminent domain to put in a Quik-E-Mart.
2) I lost 4 kg in April, according to my digital bathroom scale.
3) "Tea parties" are still the rage among People Who Will Never Be Satisfied. I mean, the highest marginal tax rate is 35%, HALF of what it was back in 1983. Grow up, people, roads and soldiers cost money. And where were you the last eight years when Dubya's budgets virtually DOUBLED the National Debt of the last 200+ years?
4) So with the first one hundred days under his belt, all but the sorest losers have admitted Obama has done pretty well. You might disagree with his policies, but they are pretty much what he campaigned on. And it's nice to have an adult in the Oval Office, someone that can string together a few intelligible sentences.
5) There is no Number 5.
6) I am off work until next Wednesday, thanks to Buddha's Birthday, picnic day and Children's Day. Of course, I didn't know I was off on picnic day (Monday) until Wed., by which time it was too late to plan something really cool to do. Of course, I did ask. "Yeah," I was told, "we will have picnic." "But what will I do?" "We will have picnic." Etc.
7) I have also been confirmed to attend a two day Co-Teaching seminar on May 11 & 12. I'm sure I'm looking forward to it.

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Anonymous said...

Not just sore losers. We all know that the highest marginal tax rate will have to go up to pay for the ridiculous deficits that Obama has inherited and mulitplied. Having heard him speak extemporaneously, he can't do so well without a teleprompter. What the hell does "save or create" mean anyway?