Monday, August 25, 2008

Breakfast of Champions

I awoke this morning at 7 AM local time, showered and went down to breakfast. I would have taken pictures to post, but I must have left my camera on the bus that brought us to the center.

Anyway, breakfast was rice, seaweed soup, beef, hot chili and potato stew, egg custard with chives and peppers, and something else that looked too dangerous to eat. Afterward, I bought a couple of bottled drinks, one of which was corn tea: It tasted like liquefied corn flakes without the milk.

Our first meeting is at 14:00 this afternoon (Koreans use military time), so I plan to go into town and seek the correct plug for my computer transformer.

So far, most of the fellow recruits I met have been very nice folks, and I have been surprised by the variety--kyopos (foreign-born Koreans), Aussies, Canucks and Americans. Several of them are my age and even older.


Anonymous said...

Are you going through SMOE or GEPIK?

Tuttle said...

Hiya Jindowaygook!

I am working for SMOE. Still don't know what school or even district in Seoul I'll be working at, though.

Unsinkable Marge said...

aw shit, did you really lose your camera on the bus?? you have to go get a new one immediately! i need more pictures!!

Tuttle said...

Yes, it's looking that way. However, the SMOE folks are working on getting hold of the bus line.

I know I had it on the bus, and I did not have it at the training center. I left it. As to whether another teacher picked it up and decided to keep it or whether it stayed on the bus and can be recovered, remains to be seen.

Anonymous said...

If you can't get your old one back, a new one can be gotten very cheaply at the Yongsan Electronics Market.