Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Hear the Fat Lady Singing

Well, it's all over now but the packing. Alan and I made a list of what needed doing (a full page) on Monday, and I just crossed off the last item (set out ant traps--had to wait on the carpet cleaners, of course). My favorite thing? Why, cutting the grass for the last time! So long, Murray! Farewell, 150 Boone, it was fun!

After three attempts with Korean Air, I finally got my e-ticket, even though it did go into the spam folder. Printed it off at the library (fifteen cents) and tucked it safely away.

I ate my last Waffle House patty melt plate, scatteredsmotheredandcovered, for dinner, and I'm ma-shillin' some maekchu as I sit here typing on my sweet new laptop.

Next, I will pack my suitcases (using compression bags) and load them, along with the last few items to go to storage, set the alarm and go to bed (I'm waiting on the dryer to finish). My flight departs at 1:15 Saturday afternoon, but I have to return the rental to Enterprise. If I leave by 9:00 AM, it should be no problem, but 8:00 would be better. The buzzer just went off on the dryer ...

As the DJs say, See you on the other side.

UPDATE (8/23/08, 1:55 AM): Bags packed, my world is about to change forever--for the better?
All my stuff that's going to Korea!


Tanner Brown said...

For the better? Are you kidding? You'll love it! If not, I'll buy you a goat!

Tuttle said...

Would buy me a goat anyway? I've always wanted one!

'Course, you could have made this offer years ago--save me a lot of lawn mowing ...