Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Parable of Murray, the Riding Lawnmower

Ah, the joys of being a homeowner! Three-quarters through cutting the grass, the mower stalled while going through the thick patch in the drain field (much as I loved her, I have to differ with Mrs Bombeck--the grass is greener over the drain field, not the septic tank), and wouldn't restart. Hopefully charging the battery will fix 'er right up.
View of less than half of front yard, as seen through my study window
Cutting the grass is a one and a half hour item at 150 Boone, plus trimming ... plus, it turns out I don't really enjoy doing it, but I'm too Scottish to pay someone else. It was a fairly expensive model, a Murray 12.5 HP, 40" cut, but I've replaced a lot of parts, had USD 300 work done on it, and it still leaks oil. On top of that, it was leaving a rut as it cut, though I tried to adjust it.

Funny thing is, it has simply sat in the garage since exactly two weeks ago, when it did a bang-up job--pretty flat, consistent, not seeming to lack in power ...

I wish this were some kind of little fable like the story about the birds on my porch (be sure to read no tail's comment and my response), but I think it's just whining. Still, ruminations on the allegorical value of the Murray are welcome.

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