Sunday, August 31, 2008


This is the Korean equivalent of WalMart, as I mentioned. This one has four floors and sells just about everything, including wall adapters. I needed one, otherwise my computer would be useless--even with the pirated wi-fi.

The coolest thing about it is the free food samples. On the corner of practically every aisle an Emart employee has an electric skillet going, and a supply of plastic toothpicks. You might not make a meal out of it, but it's definitely good for a snack. Ready for a quick dessert? Wander over to the produce section for a few grapes, apple slices and a little bell pepper dipped in ranch dressing.

If you're really hungry, the food court has Korean and Chinese food, plus a Popeye's Chicken, Burger King and Baskin Robbins.


ginny said...

Do you have on shoes in there? No need. Also, you know damn well you bought more than 6 beers yesterday

Tuttle said...

I actually bought one six-pack, 7,020 Won, and--get this--left two in the fridge! I also had ONE at the Hof last night, for a total of 5 maekchu! (6+1-2=5)

Incidentally, a plastic bag to carry your purchases in costs an extra 50 won--which is five cents US.

Tonight at the galbi restaurant, Mr Hwang and I shared two quarts of Cass, even though he claims to be a Hite man.

I am wearing slippers right now in my flat, and have a separate pair (expensive, leather-upper Crocs w/ adjustable straps for my classroom that I bought at the new Dillards).

In public places like stores, museums, etc, you can wear your shoes. In restaurants where you sit on the floor, you take off your shoes. It seems like it's pretty obvious by the shoes and shoe cubbies at the entrance.

Tanner Brown said...

Dude I'm loving this shit!