Saturday, August 30, 2008

Here I Am

Well, my friends, I have arrived in Seoul, seen my school, met my boss, moved into my apartment and bought a bought a six pack of beer--which is chilling in the freezer as I type this. The area I will be living in is called Mok-dong.

First, my school: Young-il High School (website at has about 1400 students in years 10 through 12. It has three buildings and a large sand playground with soccer goals and a basketball court. My classroom is No. 5 on the second floor of the new building. It has two large radiant heaters and a free-standing air cooler. There is a computer running Windows XP pro that is connected to a projector; it also has an audio system with four wall-mounted speakers, an amp and a microphone.

Next, my apartment: compared to what I was expecting, it is spacious. It is about 12' X 24', but it has a LOFT! It has beautiful wood floors, and is clean and white. And the shower stall has a glass door. There is also plenty of hi-speed wireless around, so I'm hooked up right now for free.
view of bed and window
view of hallway and bathroom
You should see my door key--it's a little plastic stem with what looks like a watch battery on the end. You hold it against a little round depression in the lock mechanism, it whirrs and clicks and then unlocks the door--as Arthur C. Clarke said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

This building is 20-odd stories, but I'm on the third floor. The bottom floor has about 10 restaurants, a Family Mart (convenience store), hair stylist, portrait shop and some other stuff I don't recognize.

Directly across the street is an E-Mart, the Korean version of WalMart. It's a very developed neighborhood with tons of stores. In a few words, I've fallen into the shit here, gang!


Tanner Brown said...

Are you sure it's Dok-dong? When I google "dok-dong seoul" (without the quotes) the top results are nothing about such an area, and get this: your blog is the eighth result!

I'd like to see a map of Seoul with an arrow to where you live. Get on it!

So how did you order the beer? Cigarettes? (Speaking of unhealthy shit, you should, like me, ALWAYS take the stairs, as part of an Asia health rebirth.)

How about food? I am clueless about Korean cuisine.

I'm sorry if you have permanently lost your camera, but your readers really need some images, kid.

And it's about damn time you posted!

Tuttle said...

Uh, yeah, make that Mok-dong. The food in Korea is spicy but very good. Too much seafood, but still good.

Unsinkable Marge said...

I'm interested too in how you're getting around, ordering food & stuff. All in Korean, right?

Pleeeeeease go buy a cheap digital camera today! I want to see pics of your apt, the view from your window, the shops below you, etc!!

Tuttle said...

Your wish is my command, Marg. Well, almost--I am almost out of Won and the banks don't open until Monday. However, just for you, I have added a couple of photos of the flat from my webcam.

I'm getting by without Korean, mainly, though remember it's only my first day on my own.

Foreigner Joy said...

awe it is always good to land here and find that your new home is a sweet one.

Mine too isn't so bad compared to the rest.

Anyways glad to see you are enjoying your new surroundings.