Friday, August 1, 2008

Tuttle News Wrap for Today

It rained off-and-on today (it's raining now) so I didn't carry anything to storage. OTOH, the rain did not prevent the so-called Visa package from arriving today via FedEx. It contains my official Notice of Appointment (not apostilled--so we see which side the bread is buttered on, eh?) and two copies of my countersigned contract.

I am to keep one copy, and carry the other with me to Atlanta, next week I hope, to the Korean consulate to apply for a visa--major roadwork in that part of town, so I'm dreading it. Still, I've been lucky with the paperwork, to this point: this document was scheduled to arrive "in August" so it's a day early. My passport came lickety-split, too.

I went shopping, and visited the last major store I hadn't tried--Belk's (it's next to WalMart). I shopped at Belk's stores regularly as a yoot just discovering his best-dressed self, but nowadays I get most of my clothes from LL Bean. Well, Belk's was having a sale of sales (literally, everything on sale was 50% off its sale price): I got five shirts (2 Van Heusen, 2 Columbia, Chaps) w/ a tag value of $193 for 83 bucks--it's also a sales tax holiday, today through midnight Sunday. I've never had a Columbia shirt before, but I have had a jacket and a pair of walking shoes, both great.

As an aside, many people think the term "blog" derives from the blah sound of blah blah blah that is the boring minutiae of most weblogs. This is incorrect. In fact, blog is a portmanteau word (French for "little helper") comprised of boring and logarithm (which is some math thing, so you can tell right away it's going to be pretty boring just by itself). HTH,HAND.

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