Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Hat's in the Ring

On a humorous note, I just washed all my baseball caps, and have been taking them in turn to dry on my head. And thereby enacting my own version of that Bugs and Elmer short where the Acme Theatrical Hat Co. truck accidentally sends a bunch of hats, helmets and headgear a-flyin--as each one lands on a character's head, he takes on the traits it represents, a helpful scout, a tough-as-nails GI. Bugs and Elmer end up at the altar rather a lot, if you catch my drift.

Right now I'm wearing my Montana Mule cap (defunct local pub), so I'm suckin' down some brewskis; my Ireland FA cap had me using ma wee accent; Walker Concrete (We dry harder) and GA. Wool & Sheep Growers Assn. made me want to spit, and scratch myself; Airport S. Forklift makes me want to hire someone to do all this moving; but First Bank leaves me cold.

"Bugs' Bonnets" - Directed by the inimitable Chuck Jones, I see.

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