Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Week Two Lesson

Today was the second day of my second week; the lesson is about rules--after an introduction, students will write five rules for the English classroom, then read one aloud to the class. I will later choose five or six most useful rules and post them for the whole class, the idea being that it gives them ownership (I have been doing this for many years). They will also suggest rules for the teacher to follow.

Not really much to blog about here, except for an exceptional answer (we will be creative learners) and a few silly ones (I will not take off my pants in class, and we should not play soccer in the classroom).

More interesting were rules for the teacher, including he will not hit the students; while it was explained to me earler that it is "technically" illegal, corporal punishment is fairly common in Korea (as I mentioned before)--I hear its unmistakeable smack down the hall a few times a day. Several students felt the teacher must 'love' the students; I re-stated this rule as the teacher will be kind and encouraging to all students.

Anyway, so far, so good. I just realized that Chusok (Korean Thanksgiving) is this weekend, so I have not made any terrific plans. Well, at the very least, the museums and temples and other tourist spots in Seoul will be less crowded than usual, so it will work out okay.

PS: I have figured out how to send photos from my new cellphone, and I have attached a photo from the Seoul Metro subway to the "It's at Itaewon" post.

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Tanner Brown said...

They didn't say YOU couldn't take your pants off in class.