Friday, September 12, 2008

Blog News

My pal Andy, who moved in in the middle of night on me and Max back during training at Hyundai Center (about forty-two thousand years ago), has dedicated an entire post to my blog. You can read it here, but I'll save you the trouble: he describes me as funny, charming, insightful, handsome, slender, brilliant, all-powerful, God's gift to women, a joy to know, the veritable god at whose feet all humans should worship every day, and pretty damn sexy.

Did I mention how perspicacious he is? I would point you to his blog, Literaryhero and Friends, but it's been in my blog roll since day two after I met him. It's taken him all this time to return the favor, but, hey, I understand. Scumbag.


Andrew said...

I don't actually recall saying you were 'all powerful'.

Tuttle said...

I'm glad you at least agree I'm handsome, slender, brilliant, God-like, sexy and a joy to know.

It helps to know who one's friends are.