Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Few More Pictures

Here are a few more photos from my cellphone, taken after school today. First is a daytime shot of E-Mart, showing the whole building, which stretches to the end of the block:

E-Mart during the day
Below is a picture of the main building at Young-Il HS; note the landscaping of the trees.

main building at Young-Il
And finally, a shot of the playground with the skyline outside the school.

school playground


Unsinkable Marge said...

Lordy I can't wait for you to get a camera. That exercise stuff sounds fancy-- it was all publicly funded? Who maintains the trails? I've heard health and exercise are really important in South Korea; have you seen any other instances of that?

Tuttle said...

The entire length of the Hangang (Big River) is occupied by public parks along both banks. The Seoul Metro governemnt administers the parks.

Indeed, health (and looking good) is a huge focus of Korean culture--the food is quite healthful, for instance, lots of veggies, very little in the way of deep-fried foods.

However, they are not perfect. I noticed the other day at lunch that the orange juice we got for desert was in fact orange drink, and clearly labeled as such.

Not a single one of these "health-conscious" individuals at my table had ever noticed, or even knew that there was a difference.

So I explained about refined sugar and water vs. naturally sweet juice.