Monday, September 15, 2008

Kimchi Field Museum

Even before I left the States, I promised myself a visit to the Kimchi Museum as soon as I could manage it. So that's one item checked off my list.

The museum, dedicated to to the history of Korean pickled cabbage, is located, it turns out, in Coex Mall, a massive underground shopping center located beneath Millennium Plaza (photo below), which contains hundreds of shops, ranging from six-floor Hyundai Department Store (whose food court is has at least fifty different restaurants and stalls) to Pink Chocolate, a 12X20 foot upscale shoe store.

Millennium Plaza at entrance to Coex Mall
Anyway, the museum was quite extensive, considering the subject matter, and offered free samples--okay, so it's no brewery tour, but it was still quite well laid-out and hugely informative. Koreans don't eat much in the way of dairy products, it turns out, because kimchi serves as their source of the lactobaccilli so necessary for digestion of grains--don't misunderstand me, I would never want to give up cheese, but when in Rome ...

With no further ado, here is my photo (crappy cellphone camera photo, that is) tour of Pulmuone Presents the Kimchi Field Museum. Hover your mouse on the pic for a brief description:

Welcome to Kimchi Field Museum
Foreground: kimchi fermenting pots; background: explanation of kimchi-making steps
Inside the pots are models of different styles of kimchi--about 50, altogether
Utensils for grinding, preparing the spices to flavor the cabbage
Section of a diorama of village life showing the preparation of Korean sauerkraut
And finally, a photo op of me and a very nice Korean lady mannekin


Mr. B said...

They just love this stuff. I think I'm going to have to send kimchi samples back to the States for further examination.

Tuttle said...

I love the stuff, too! A simple, tasty meal--cook up some rice in your rice cooker, add a pile of kimchi, and dig in.

I see you added me to your blog roll--kamsahamnida! I've returned the favor.