Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Some Pictures

I apologize in advance for the quality, but I know some of you have been hankering for photos of my environs. Here are some pics off my cellphone:

The hof space outside my building
This is a shot of the sidewalk at the front of my building; gleaming red lawn furniture provides spill-over (and breezy outdoor seating) for the row of restaurants on the ground floor.

table service at Chinese restaurant
Table setting including beer, ashtray, utensil container, "Korean beer nuts" and platter of sauteed corn. You can see the service button peeking into the corner of the photo.

The Deungchon-dong E-Mart, large department store directly across the street from my building. The construction fencing is there due to the new subway stop going in. How cool is that?


Unsinkable Marge said...

yay pictures! Woah, the E-mart is HUGE!! and how convenient, a subway stop just for you!

I'm wondering about the different districts of Seoul. Does there seem to be strictly business areas and strictly residential ones, or are they all combined together mostly like in your area? Are there skyscrapers near you?

Tuttle said...

Check out the daylight picture of E-Mart, it takes up the whole block. I really don't know other neighborhoods, although Itaewon looked to be commercial only--hotels, bars and shops.