Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chusok Begins

Chusok, for the unenlightened--like, say, myself a month ago--is the Korean version of Thanksgiving. By tradition, folks return to their hometowns for the three-day holiday; since Seoul is the size it is largely due to urbanization in the '70s and '80s, I am told it will be pretty empty this weekend. This is probably a good thing overall, since the subway, etc will still run, but be less crowded, thereby making exploration easier. OTOH, most everything will be closed on Sunday.

Meanwhile, it also means that I have no more school until Wednesday (Young-Il takes off a couple extra days). Speaking of school, I took a couple shots of my classroom today, filled to the brim with sweaty Korean teenaMy classroom, students reading from the projector screenge boys--hey, hey, now, do not touch your penis, as a couple of them have listed in their class rules assignment!

View from the rear of my classroom
After school today, Mr Hwang and I walked through the traditional market a few blocks from the school, and had a Korean corn dog and a cruller. It was pretty crowded, as many people are doing their shopping to buy gifts before returning to their hometown for the holiday.

traditional Korean market, two blocks long
Anyway, Happy Chusok!

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Andrew said...

Nice to know that both you and I have off Friday and Tuesday. Some other SMOE people have to work. Sucks to be them, I guess.