Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Politics of the Korean HS Student

Today's student similes brought some interesting statements. First off, I must confess that I outlawed all classes from stating they are as sexy as Angelina Jolie. Because they're not. The best image of the day was "as silent as space."

Of interest were several students today who compared themselves to Lee Myung-Bak, the Korean President, and not in positive terms--as silly as, as foolish as; by comparison, one student was "as handsome as Obama." BTW, when prompting for examples of adjectives, every time I ask for the opposite of smart, they always say foolish, never stupid.

Like most American kids, their politics until about senior year come directly from their parents. It is popular now to diss on Lee, because he has mishandled several issues, from American beef to the central canal, despite the fact that he ran for office (and was elected in February) on a pro-America, pro-infrastructure platform.

In other news, I got to walk home alone today--and I made it without incident! Also, my desk was delivered today (to go with my new chair) and I picked up a few more odds and ends (cutting board, alarm clock, extension cord) at E-Mart. It's pretty much a liveable place now. For my US friends, I wish you were here! For my friends in Korea, come on by! My address is:

Doosan Officetel #325
Deungchon 1-dong 631
Seoul, Korea

Meanwhile, I'm headed downstairs to enjoy a couple of maekchu-ga in the open air of Seoul's pleasant early autumn air!

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Foreigner Joy said...

I am really enjoyning your posts on what goes on in the classroom.