Saturday, September 6, 2008

Watching Soccer on the Sidewalk in Seoul

On my way back from shopping at E-Mart, I noticed a soccer match on the TV outside one of the chicken hofs in my bulding. I put on a load of clothes to wash in what must the world's most complicated washing machine--eventually.

As the wash cycle started up, I made my way back downstairs to watch the game. Chicken Mania-- a large part of the wide sidewalk at the front of the building, it's between the portrait studio and the traditional Korean porridge restaurant, where they set out plastic lawn tables and chairs when the weather is nice.

Korea's National Team was playing Jordan in a friendly at Seoul World Cup Stadium, which appeared over half-empty, as a warm up before the last round of World Cup qualifying. The Koreans were quite impressive, even though they only won 1 - 0. They were speedy, skilled and aggressive, producing about five shots for every attempt by the Jordanians. Domination. The young businessmen at the table behind me were into it as much as I was.

Distinctly a good time, watching quality soccer as the city of Seoul passes by right in front of me. Gotta say, though, the delivery guys on motor scooters are downright menacing.

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