Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Orang-ee Chair

Mr Hwang walked with me to work this morning, showed me the shortcut--backstreets so I only cross one major road. It took 17 minutes. Then he walked me home--both he and the principal were afraid I would get lost.

Lunch was good again today--kimchee soup, mustard-based salad, mushroom and rice dumplings in brown sauce, batter-fried zucchini slices, something or other in spicy red sauce, and a banana for dessert.

I had five classes today, three first grade and two second grade. The second graders (11th year) were not much more fluent in speaking than the others. I've been through the same lesson plan ten times, with 12 more to go. It's a good thing I'm so damn entertaining or I'd have to kill myself.

As I mentioned, I'm having them write and read out similes describing themselves. Every class has at least one boy who thinks he is as handsome as Tom Cruise ("In your dreams" is my comment), and also one who thinks he's as sexy as Angelina Jolie! Today's twist was the 15-year-old who is "as delicious as Britney Spears." The best so far was a student "as passionate as fire."

Oh, Mr Ye, the school administrator in charge of settling me in, brought a chair yesterday. I didn't know what to say about the color, so I didn't say anything. To be fair, it might have been the only color available. But check out the back--it tilts, swivels and swings, and is extremely comfortable.
My orang-ee chair


Podgy said...

What are you doin son? Sounds like the school lunch program is well sorted over there and I bet you wouldn't find anything they serve prisoners on the school's menu? Enjoy that chair the top of it looks like a pressed ham... But it sounds like they got you settled in and I hope all is well... Podgy

Andy said...

Gotta love the legendary duoback chair. I actually just ordered a similar design for my apartment.

Let me know when you get your act together. Roomie 3 (aka Max) already has a cell phone and is raring to go.