Thursday, July 24, 2008

In Today's Korea Times ...

1) Korea Telecom offers 100 Mbps internet, to differentiate itself in a market with ubiquitous 2 Mbps (that's what we call T1) connectivity--according to the article, only about 1.5 million Korean households lack hi-speed internet.

2) Seoul listed as 5th most expensive place for ex-pats to live. I think this includes rent, and having a car.

3) Latest in rash of foreign objects in food reported, along with a cover-up attempt by Lotte, Korea's second largest food conglomerate (also owner of amusement park LotteWorld in downtown Seoul). It was a 10 won coin (1 cent) in a snack called "Oh! Good Cereal Chocolate".

4) Elementary teacher apologizes for beating students with broomstick. Corporal punishment is still a common occurrence here--but this guy smacked a kid 10 times with a broomstick, and not even on the forgiving, not-likely-to-result-in-broken-bones tush.

I was on the receiving end of school whippings three times that I recall: a paddling from "Mistuh A.D." in fifth grade, involving spitwads; "tackie," a large sneaker, in standard 5 (7th grade) in Zim, I don't remember what for (but in 5A1--the top class of the school--our master was the one who gave "tackie", so we were regularly treated to kids from other classes, bending over and getting smacked right on the dais in front of the room); once in third form, "six of the best" from the Headmaster--a proper public school caning--for spilling a bottle of India ink.

They were all on the gluteus maximus, which is the proper place for spankings, not that I'm defending it--or myself. Although, I gotta say the India Ink was an accident.

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