Thursday, July 17, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

So, I have been hemming and hawing about this since I started this blog/adventure, and finally came to a decision: SELL the house. Even if it takes several months after I'm gone to get it sold, I can swing that (my last paycheck from OMA is Aug. 25, my first from SMOE is Sept. 25). Too many horror stories about distant landlords, so I'm gonna let 'er go.

I love this house: out in the boonies, lots of breathing space between neighborOver half of books and vases, lamps, clockss, open kitchen/dining/living space with a bar. But it has its problems. What, you think I'm going to list them on the Internets for all to see, when I'm trying to sell the place?

In other news, I am on lesson seven of Pimsleur, and the honorific endings and such are making more sense--I just hope the regular classes of verbs are similar to speak, be, eat, drink and know, because those are the only ones I have learned. Vocab, natch, still extremely limited, and as I have whined before, consulting the myriad other sources (Korean in Plain English, Berlitz Korean in 60 min CD, Berlitz dictionary, Your First 100 Words in Korean, and a skinny yellow dictionary I can't find lately) doesn't always validate or extend the Pimsleur approach.

However, "beer drink would" seems to be something like maek-chu-du* ma-shil-guess-seyo.

*I am making up my own pinyin, since there's no consensus anyhow. That "du" is really a "do-il" sound that is said really fast and chopped. There is no similar sound in English. However, if you look up beer, the dictionary will have maektchu, or maek-chu or similar, but not mention that you put the "du" at the end. Although, sometimes it's a "ga". Clazy.

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Tanner Brown said...

Sell that mofo. You are movin' on. Who knows how long you'll be gone. We expats love our homeland and country-folk, but the suitcase by the door just won't quit a-naggin'. I can't wait to take you out to eat REAL Chinese food!