Sunday, July 13, 2008

Buttermilk and Cornbread

According to my Dad, on the phone recently:
Buttermilk goes with cornbread, cornbread goes with everything.

I'm not a huge buttermilk fan, but I hope they have cornbread in Korea. And I don't mean dry, mealy cornbread like some people try to pass off, but sweet, moist, bacon-drippings cornbread. I know Koreans add corn to some things, but baking is not easily done in the common Seoul apartment/officetel/studio--typically, they only have a cooktop, no oven.

No clothes dryer either, apparently on the principle that it's an enormous waste of energy. Hard to argue that, I grew up with a clothesline out back, as did everyone else in the neighborhood. Buttermilk and cornbread, too.

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Alan said...

You can buy a plug in oven from an electric store - they cost about 200,000 won, but worth every penny.