Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Shoe shine

Big News! I bought the tennis shoes I'm wearing to Korea!

Okay, not so big news, but pretty good savings: I usually spend, oh, $80 on a pair of shoes, but I saw these at Kohl's (when I was getting a new tire) on sale for USD 50. Then I saw exactly the same pair--new balance 507--on the sale table today at Dick's Sporting Goods for thirty bucks. That's about 60% off.

The choice of brand is no accident, as my two current tennies are new balance (485 and 495) and have held up much better than the Nike and Reebok pairs they replaced. I also plan to take my Rockports and Tevas, both of which have some mileage on them. Not sure about the Bean duck shoes.
Busdriver and his shoes, photo by
Shoes and Korea, despite my boring minutiae, are an interesting topic as Koreans take their shoes off when entering many places, a fact one needs to consider. I will have to get some really cush slippers. This picture is from An American in Geoje. is dedicated to, well, taking our shoes off at the door.

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