Sunday, July 13, 2008

First Picture at a First Birthday Party

Today was the perfect chance to try out my new camera--okay, so truth to tell, I went ahead and bought it so I would have it for today. The picture below was taken in Kids and Pets mode (the pets are in the back) with a Canon PowerShot SX100 IS w/o flash, ISO 250, f 2.8 at 8.3 Mpx w/ medium compression. I haven't learned much about settings yet, so that's pretty much how it came out of the box (sized down for the web). There's a lot of redeye, and it's supposed to fix that--my Nikon D50 at school has that, too, but it's hit-or-miss, and that camera cost over three times what this one did. Still, I think this is just about the best digicam available before jumping up to dSLRs--in both price and size.

This was at the first birthday for the one second from the left (middle row). The proud dads are "the guys" from my first class--they were fifth graders together when I started at my first real job. We grew up together, in a way. Twenty years later, they have beautiful, intelligent, well-behaved children--though you can tell from the photo, they got all that from their moms.

Wow! 20 year later, my 5th grade guys
Oh, and the food was outstanding--home-BBQ pork butt and all the fixins.

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