Thursday, July 3, 2008

Engrish, the Language of Love

Speaking English may be more than a key to advancement in your job in the Land of the Morning Calm, according to this story at today's Korea Times. Here's a good quote:
"I like men speaking good English. It makes them look sexy, intelligent and very competent,'' said Yang Mi-kyoung, a 24-year-old who works for a fashion goods company. "They also look very confident and I feel I could proudly introduce him to anyone,'' she added.

Knowing some English increases your chance at a hot date on Friday, or even mIllus. for Foreign Language Proficiency Advantageous for Datingarital bliss in the long run. Speaking a foreign language is viewed as a "basic attainment" by most of the 557 Korean singles interviewed for the poll in the story. However, many respondents "had little expectation for themselves in improving their language skills." Some hoped their future spouse would teach their future children English, to help save money on expensive hagwons. I love the cartoon. "A,D,C,B,Q," he says to her, "English." Smooooth.

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Tanner Brown said...

Great post, Tuttle. You are at your best when you are short and sweet. As for wooing women with waiguo words, wow, we are wready!

*waiguo - Ch. for 'foreign'

Eat boogers. Long live Russert.