Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Won't Someone Think of the Ribbons!?!

Ribbons Against Mad Cow sticker, from foreignerjoy.blogspot.com
1) Well, if ribbons are against it, so am I!
(photo from Foreign/er Joy - I truly enjoy following her experiences, and those of others I've mentioned, and read but haven't mentioned yet)

2) Making very slow progress in getting house ready to sell, etc. It has been suggested I pull a quick equity line loan and put USD 5000 into it (carpet, cabinet fronts, etc). I was planning just to paint. It's possible that would improve the sale price substantially. I could end up paying that anyway if it doesn't sell in six months. It was later conceded that except the LR, the carpet was still in good shape.

3) Wonderful cartoon below, from the brilliant Chuck Jones. Lots of vocabulary words, read by Robert Morley (who achieves just the right balance of playfulness and pedagogue for my taste). It's the love story of a line and a dot, and the squiggle that comes between them:

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My name is Joy said...


Thanks for admiring my mad cow sticker. I like it too and think so far it is one of my favorite tokens from here :)