Friday, July 18, 2008

Twinrix Powers -- Activate!

Having done my research, the only vaccinations I need for Korea are Hepatitis A + B, Typhoid and Malaria. I got a Tdap booster six years ago, when I went to the hospital from a yellow jacket attack (turns out I have an anaphylactic reaction to being stung by 12+ of them all at once).

The Hep A+B vaccination (take 3 times) - mine was in a 5 dose boxToday, I went with Marge to get the first course of the Hepatitis inoculation (Twinrix) at her Dad's office. Yvonne gives a great shot--and I've had a few! In one month, I will go back for the second shot, and start the typhoid course, which is four pills in eight days. I will get chloroquine tablets before leaving, as I am sure to visit the few parts of Korea (like the DMZ, the North and the countryside) where malaria has not been eradicated. I took chloroquine once a week the whole time we were in Thailand and Zimbabwe.

In the middle of December, in Korea, I will have to take the last course of the Twinrix (or else the HepB immunity will not be complete and long lasting). (There is also an accelerated scheme of 0, 7 days, 21-30 days, + 1 yr booster.) There is a list of Seoul hospitals with English-speaking services on the Seoul Metro Govt website ("A Clean, Attractive & Global City, Seoul").

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