Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Year That Was

I see from my Blogger dashboard that this is post number 400 to the Seoul Patch. I see also that I have posted some 1,450 photos here since June 15, 2008.

To recap 2009:
  • went on a great vacation to Beijing, walked the Great Wall and ate like a king with TB during February
  • started reading fiction again, polishing off approximately one title per week this year
  • got serious at the gym in March, and have been slowly getting fit ever since
  • line 9 opened in July, making it easier for me to get around Seoul
  • went to a live game to watch each baseball team in the Korean league, including the season opener and Game 7 of the Championship Series
  • renewed my contract with SMOE in August for another year
  • went to the dentist for the first time in ages, got a gold crown for $350
  • had a fun holiday in New Zealand with pal Andy, an exotic and unforgettable land
  • somewhere in there, crested the learning on curve on how to teach these kids something
  • still didn't sell my house, toyed with the idea of strategic foreclosure

My New Year's Resolution in 2009 was not to make any resolutions, and I managed to keep it. So, I'm going to make that my resolution for 2010 as well--why mess with success?

And finally, to the Teeming Dozens I say, with feeling: Have a Happy New Year!

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RealityZone said...

wishing peace for you and yours in the new year.