Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010: Off and Running

... or drinking, anyway.

I'm afraid I rather overdid it on New Year's Eve. I met up with Karen at 3 Alley in Itaewon for dinner, planning to meet Andy&Co later somewhere for something. I had the grilled salmon with seafood risotto, and it was outstanding.

The clock started ticking down and the alcohol started flowing. This was exacerbated (the alcohol not the clock) by a pal named Jim, an engineer who works on turbines in the south and gets up to Seoul sometimes. He started breaking out the sambuca shots (which he knows I can't resist, and which Karen likes okay, too) and I practically couldn't manage when it was time to count down. That's Jim on the left below, and those are infamous sambuca shots:

After we welcomed in the New Year, I was set to join another group of friends, once they finally told me where to go! Bongcheon, Time Hof. A little hole-in-the-wall Korean place, but packed and hoppin' on New Year's Eve, apparently.

Sadly, once I made my way to the subway platform, I couldn't remember exactly the route I needed to take--sambuca will do that to you. Especially if you have about thirty-eight of them.

Looking back, I think I was lucky to make it home. I can't imagine the trouble I might have gotten into had I actually made it to Bongcheon!

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SuperDrew said...

Well, we did have some turkey at the Time Hof, as well as a bottle of whiskey, among other things. All told, though, you didn't miss much.