Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Street Scenes VI

What follows is a handful of photos taken at various times and places that I never used. I thought I'd clear out the drawer in preparation for the new year.

Roundabouts seem rare in Seoul, and especially roundabouts with a fountain in the middle. This one is in Jongno, near the Seoul Art Museum.

A street, er, subway station performer doing mime clown magic. His mark is a pretty girl in her school uniform. Many stations have a small performance area--on Line 9, I think all of them do.

A celebration in the parking area of Boram Apartuh, with traditional drummers and traditional drunks dancing. I believe the festivities were in honor of a resident who just passed the bar--the law bar, I mean, I'll do the jokes here.

A seating area-cum-sculpture in the middle of the street in Cheolsan's party district.

You can often see sandwich-board type advertising on the streets, but it's rarely so well synchronized. And the value! 10% all the way up to 13% off!

Last, but certainly not least, a whole pig hanging in a butcher shop waiting to be converted into samgyupsal. Yummy!

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