Sunday, December 27, 2009

Offal Good!

Shown above is a table grill cooking up something called gopchang 곱창. On the right are small intestines of a cow, the brown cubes are cow kidney, and the white stuff on the left is just onions and garlic with a couple slices of sweet potato.

Andy convinced me to come out with him and give it a try--I'm game for anything once: if I don't like it, I won't try it again. Well, I'll be having gopchang again, it's definitely a tasty change of pace from samgyupsal.

After dinner, we wandered around Seouldae/Bongcheon, stopping in at the famed makkuli place:

Next up was an indoor pojangmacha where we had beer and some fried fish:

We finished up in a western-style bar called WaBar, which has an "ice table" stacked up with imports:

Happy Boxing Day!


Anonymous said...

Try some Gopchang-jungol (stew) too. (KOEX branch)

Their quality gopchang & yang(stomach) guis are way too expensive, but their jungol (lunchtime & early afternoon only) is affordable. (32,000 won for two, I think.) Former president Kim Dae-jung used to frequent the place.

조안나 said...

I feel as though I should try this, but I have gotten incrementally less adventurous about things the longer I stay in Korea..