Thursday, December 3, 2009

My School

Take the line 9 subway train to Deungchon station and follow the signs to Exit 7.

When you come out of the exit, follow the road due south toward Mok-dong, and turn right at the next stop light (a squid restaurant's on the corner). You will see the gates of Young-il HS:

The big brown building is mine, and my office and classroom are the far left on the second floor, just visible above the gate. Here you see the "EOZ", and a pic of the water purifier, with the windows open wide behind it, even though the temp. is about 35 F. today:

I shot video today of my students in action, sharing with each other the proverbs they memorized and their meanings. The ones I am showing are some of the best students in tenth grade, the first year of high school in Korea. Enjoy:

Yes, that's kind of a cheap shot at the end, but you can tell even from these three minutes that they are loathe to practice their English, even in the encouraging environment I try to provide.

Here is a photo of my office, where Mr Wright (of noraebang fame) is preparing for a meeting about exams next week while Miss Lee works at her desk:

I spend almost no time there, since my classroom computer is the one with the bells and whistles. And all my files. Finally, a photo of the faculty lunch room (that's Mr Hwang at the sign-in sheet), followed by a picture of today's lunch.

We had pork and vegetable bokum and rice, fried tofu, boiled potatoes, kimchi, spicy chicory leaf salad and bean sprout soup. Delicious!

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The Sanity Inspector said...

Nice photo tour of your work digs, thanks!