Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Cake Day!

It seems a big part of the Christmas celebration in Korea is the cake. The bakery chains here clutter the sidewalk on Christmas Eve with stacks and stacks of pre-ordered Christmas cakes. And not just vanilla sheet cake with canned frosting, either.

These are rich cheesecakes, tiramisu creations, or velvety choco, often elaborately decorated--and priced accordingly. Check out the one I got at Paris Baguette today for W20,000 (yes, that's pretty expensive, but the thinking is that Christmas comes but once a year):

I actually taught classes today, for the first time all week, wearing my Santa hat. At the end of the day, some student left this drawing on his desk for me:

As the artwork says, Merry X-mas! And Happy Cake Day!

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