Monday, December 14, 2009

A Monday Night at #325

The mercury has plummeted again, but I'm nice and toasty thanks to the combination of ondol and my space heater; picked up my clothes from the cleaners downstairs; answered my email; had dinner at ChickenMania; swept up the flat; and all's right with the world.

Well, maybe not all's right with The World, but I mean my little part of it. You know how you get that satisfied feeling sometimes, where you've crossed all the ts, dotted all the is that you can, caught up and gotten ahead, swept up the flat ...

Tomorrow is the last day of final exams at Young-il, though classes continue for another two weeks or so, for reasons obscure to me. As mentioned earlier, I'm mainly going to watch "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" with my classes. I'd really like to work up a lesson on Ralphie and the Range Ryder BB gun but it would just take too much explanation. "Oh, fu-u-u-udge!" "Not a fingah!"

Tomorrow is also the day of the English Dept. lunch we always have during exams. This meeting is the one time when everyone doesn't get all drunk and go to noraebang, worse luck! Still, it's free food, always delicious, speaking English with Koreans, and did I mention it's free food?

After the semester ends, I'll have about a week off before one month of winter camp, followed by about one month of vacation time. If I can scrape up some cash, I'm thinking of going to Thailand for a week or so to lay in the sun and thaw out.


조안나 said...

I was also considering how fun it would be to watch A Christmas Story with students... but... they wouldn't understand anything... except the tongue on the metal pole, which is always entertaining to see.

Tuttle said...

And even with that, you have to explain a triple dog dare. I've gone so far as to dl all the clips I could find off YouTube, but I hold out little hope. "Scut Farkas ... what a rotten name."