Thursday, December 11, 2008

There's a Korean Expat Market?

There are one to two million foreigners in Korea, depending on whose stats you pay attention to, the majority of them in Seoul. In a certain sense, that's a lot of people, like if you were having them over for dinner, or even trying to find them all a hotel room. But we didn't all arrive at once, and most of us understand we're in a foreign country.

Be that as it may, the government today released information about efforts to improve the foreigner experience, such as increased English signage, more English-language announcements in the buses and subways. According to an article in today's Korea Times:
Additionally, beginning January, they will find it easier to take care of pending immigration matters and consult with civil servants, thanks to a new plan to expand immigration "field" services.
The government is also planning to unveil a host of other foreigner-friendly measures starting Jan. 1, the Office of the Prime Minister said.
The steps aim to help make it easier for overseas corporations to do business and invest in Korea.

Also today, the Korea Herald did a special interest story on the website which provides smart-aleck tee-shirts mostly in Hangeul, with slogans like "I'm not an American", "I'm not a Russian girl" and "What are you staring at?" Or these:

Millionaire in wonI'm pine. And you?

While I can see the humor, the size of the market seems almost infinitesimal. However, there is one product they offer which I think needs to be available--no, required--worldwide, to alert the world to the problem of fan death:

Fan Death Warning Sticker

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