Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So Long, 2008

This is my first blog, and my first New Year's as a blogger, but I'm guessing the Year in Review post is de rigueur. So with no further ado, here is my short list of Lowlights and Highlights of the year just passed:

LO: lost job at OMA after five years for no good reason
HI: got a job working in Seoul, South Korea with zero grading to do

HI: 2008 Election - Barak Obama next President
LO: Bush administration gets to continue fucking things up until late January

HI: America not attacked by terrorists at home
LO: Americans killed by terrorists in Iraq passes 4,000 - George Bush says, "So what?"

LO: got ripped off when selling my trusty Chevy S-10
HI: got a really good deal on my new 17" Toshiba Satellite laptop

HI: I joined the fitness center in my building, and go 3X week
LO: I've only been about twice in the last two weeks

LO: I am finding the Korean language very very difficult
HI: I can read (sound out) Hangeul pretty efficiently

LO: Koreans protest resumed imports of US beef, fearing "crazy cow" disease
HI: worldwide deaths from US beef-borne BSE remain ZERO, NONE, NADA

LO: fourteen hour flight in tiny seat on crowded plane
HI: seventeen weeks in the Big Big City

LO: tiny apartment - no stove or outdoor grill
HI: tiny apartment - easy to keep clean

LO: Korean cheese, garlic bread (has sugar on it), TV
HI: sam-gyup-sal, galbi, Seoul public transportation

LO: miss my friends and family back home
HI: have made new friends here in Korea


Foreigner Joy said...

HI: Vacation!

Happy New Year!

Tuttle said...

Well, I go back to work tomorrow for "winter camp" until Jan. 23, so my vacation doesn't start until 2009.

But Happy New Year to you, too!

Tanner Brown said...

Great retrospective. I think you mean rigueur not rigeur, but your misspelling proves you're a bad-ass who spells borrowed French from memory.

How about:
LO: Not being as cool as Tanner.
HI: Having the balls to dye your hair orange and continue using your left hand.

Tuttle said...

1) Thanks. Yeah, I didn't run speelchucker either. I did just now, and its "suggestions" didn't even include the correct word!
2) Beg pardon but not being "as cool as" you isn't necessarily a lowlight. I could be cooler. Easily.