Friday, December 12, 2008

SNU Museum of Art

Exterior 1 SNU MoA
Seoul National University's Museum of Art is a striking example of functional architecture designed by world-class firm OMA, currently one of the designers of those new islands in Dubai. The building is located adjacent to the main gate of SNU, and is easy to get to: take the #2 line to SNU station, exit 3, and take bus 5511,5512 or 5513 to the main gate.

SNU main gate
Exteriors: The front of the building is a striking, uncluttered cantilever.

The only piece of art adorning the exterior is shown in the left photo; to the right is the building's left side.

The top photos are stairs down each side of the building, and the bottom show the museum coffee shop underneath the rear of the building.

Interiors: The wedge shape of the building is mirrored by a ramp-like entry and a broad centeral stairwell that leads up to the top floor exhibition hall. There are only two spaces, which are broken up by divider walls to increase display space and enhance the discovery element. It works.

Which brings me to the exhibitions themselves. On my visit, there were two: Vision1, which had a couple of cool pieces, but was mostly unimpressive, such as a horse watching a slideshow; the second was called Blake's Shadow: William Blake and His Artistic Legacy.

Later on, I met up with Gavin for some beers at this place, next to the SNU subway stop:

LiebeHOF, since 1988

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driftingfocus said...

I need to visit that next time I'm in Seoul.

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