Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day at Seoul Plaza

I joined thousands of other Seoulites at Seoul Plaza in front of City Hall, where they have erected a large white Christmas tree, decorated with Santa and his reindeer, and topped with a cross.

They have also erected an ice skating rink, which you can barely see at right when the video stops: below left is a Zamboni, Korean-style; right, one line of skaters waiting for the gates to open.

And they're off:

Other sights:

Getting readyFree hugs!
light display atop portico of Seoul Plaza Hotelcute kids posing in front of geographically-confused light sculpture with penguins AND polar bear, igloo

On my way home, I got off one bus stop earlier than usual. I passed by a truck on the curb with a chicken rotisserie on the back--two for 12,000 W. They smelled fabulous. So fabulous, in fact, that my Christmas dinner was roasted chicken stuffed with rice and herbs! And chocolate cake for dessert.

Merry Christmas!

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