Friday, December 5, 2008

Frigid Friday

Nanun, pi-con-hayo. Me, I'm tired.

My Friday classes are usually pretty interested and compliant--something I count on--but today they were on the rowdy side. I had a long--for me--session in the fitness center, and my left calf got really really sore (which is what happens when I go two days in a row), then I just had time to shower up before Hwang took me to the LG store to get a new phone.

My present phone really sucks, as it eats double minutes, is fairly bulky, and lots of folks claim they can never reach me. Well, first, we drive right past the brand new LG superstore and go to a dinky little LG store. After an hour figuring out the plan I wanted, the phone I wanted and getting my passport, alien registration, bank card, etc entered, they finally realize they can't set up an account--my bank account was opened on my passport rather than my ARC. So I leave the store empty-handed.

We get back to Hwang's car, which he parked on the side of the main road with the emergency blinkers on, only to find he got a ticket. Though I walk past a dozen improperly parked cars every day, this is the first citation I've seen since I got here.

So we go over to his place for some chicken take-away, pizza delivery and beer. The chicken is from a place called "Good Fried Chicken" and the pizza is "Mister Pizza". Both were good, mister. The beer he bought was OB, kinda strange since he's a Cass man. Me? I take a tip from Andy and buy whichever brand has the free packet of beer nuts looped on the neck.

Afterwards, I walk home. Here is where I point out how cold it has turned, overnight. Earlier this week it was moderately cold, highs in the low fifties, lows in the low-to-mid thirties. This morning, when I left for achool, the temp. was 14 F and felt like 1 F, thanks to wind chill. The warmest temp. today was about par with the coldest of yesterday--26 F. Right now it's 13 with the WCF at -1 F. It's as if the city of Seoul just walked into a giant meat freezer.

I think tomorrow I'm going to buy coffee makings and a bottle of Baileys and get nice and toasty.


Tanner Brown said...

I picture you in a red turtleneck beside a blazing fireplace, smiling, warm, pantless. You spill your Irish Coffee on your thigh and attempt to lick it off. Your guests comes abruptly through the door.

Tuttle said...

1) Dude, if we wanted to hear about your pervo fantasies, we'd read your blog, okay?
2) Considering the previous post was almost entirely dedicated to the fact that Korean homes don't have fireplaces, you should learn to read for comprehension.
3) You are confusing me with Will Farrell's weird pschologist character: I don't even have a red turtleneck ...