Tuesday, December 30, 2008

School's Out for Winter!

So, yesterday was the last day of classes--actually, half-day. I still had to go in today though, for a grand total of 8 seconds!


Damned if I know. The faculty meeting planned for this morning was cancelled (not that I go to those anyway). I had no paperwork to file. No students to meet. No paperwork to do.

Oh, wait: Mr Hwang wanted to give me the class rolls for the three classes I'm teaching during winter camp. I shrugged. I don't really need those tomorrow, I can just get them on Friday, no problem.

Problem. So, I dutifully arose and walked to school with him, waited in the office until he found the rolls and printed them off. I took them to my classroom (which is not the classroom I will be teaching in during camp--I will actually be teaching each class in a different room), then went back home. And slept for a while.


Because yesterday, big Mr Lee invited me out for chicken and beer as a celebration. And I had loads of chicken, and even more beer. As a result (well, more of the beer than the chicken), I was feeling a tad delicate this morning. So, rather than venture forth into the Big City to See Sights, I Slept It Off.

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Foreigner Joy said...

AWe the pleasures of public school life! long live chicken and beer.. ;)