Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Soccer, Sangam, Sunday

I went to the first home game of FC Seoul on Sunday with my friend Karen.

Alas, her presence was the one bright spot on the day. While the weather had started out quite nice when I checked at 10 AM, by game time the temperature had dropped ten degrees or more and a light but persistent drizzle had begun.

Before all that, I did get a couple of shots of the pre-game festivities outside the stadium.

I did also sign the giant "Peace Ball" in a primo spot on the tip of the lion's tail:

Then there was the game, versus Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, current league champs, in these hideous neon green uniforms. Play by both teams was kind of sloppy throughout. So the new coach, Nelo Vingada, failed to impress me, despite being 2 - 0 going in. And it was Jeonbuk that emerged with a solo goal, nicely placed from a solid cross in the 88th minute (Big Five, do I hear you saying?), but it was enough on this day.

As a result, FC Seoul and Jeonbuk trade places between first and third, with Seongnam between them. The stadium was relatively full, with an announced attendance of 38,000+. Usually, it's somewhere in the mid-twenties, but this was Opening Day, after all, and it was against the current title-holders. We ended up next to a young couple with their small child, who found me to be the most interesting thing in the stadium. At least judging by the fact that he watched me constantly.


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