Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Singing in the Snow

... well, not while actually in the snow, but during the time it was snowing last night, I went to a noraebang with a group of co-workers.

It began innocently enough as a meeting of the Research Committee. Mind you, the Research Committee doesn't do research, and it wasn't a meeting so much as an opportunity to eat and drink for free. Dinner was smoked duck at a restaurant near Balsan station, delicious:

When we left this place, there was already snow on the ground. We stopped in at a small bar for some beer, then made our way to a noraebang down the street:

Upon emerging from the singing room, it was time to go home. But the streets looked like this, so I took a taxi:

It was still snowing, or snowing again, this morning as I walked to school.

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