Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Get Your Hat On, It's Time for School

Today being the second of March, many millions of Korean schoolchildren returned to school for a new year--and their teachers along with them. At my school, we only had a brief teachers meeting at 8:30, followed by a not quite as brief opening assembly at 11:00. It was also the first time I got my schedule, the yearly calendar, and the new second grade textbook.

Tomorrow is the first day of classes, where I will meet the new "freshyear" boys, and continue on with the second year students who didn't make the math/science stream.

Photographs of Hats: I was in E-Mart yesterday and came across a bin full of ball caps with hashed up slogans on them. I whipped out my cell cam, so here you go:

Missing an "I"? Or some quotes around "could be"?

No idea what this even means.

I admit it, I'm kind of curious about how that hyphen got there.

I like the way they saved on the "T" by running Detroit together with Tiger, but why did they use the big R? I understand the D is somewhat more traditional.

So, something called beta-glucan has potential in treating some leukemias, but I'm not sure I believe that the folks who put in extra hyphens and leave out or misapprehend various other letters would know that.


Tanner Brown said...

Nice call on beta-glucan. Hats off to you.

Tuttle said...

Google is my friend!

SuperDrew said...

I was gonna go with the Betas vs Leukemia to be some sort of sorority fundraiser or something, but I guess your idea is better.

Tuttle said...

Well, SD, other than the chemical thing, I also thought of your possibility, and also of the tropical fish, which *you and I* realize are spelled betta, but ...