Sunday, March 21, 2010

E-Mar-tuh Impor-tuh

I will be doing a lesson titled "Shopping with Mr Bean" so I went to E-Mart yesterday to get some photos of various departments (kitchenwares, bedding/linens, electronics, etc) for the vocab review/introduction.

While there, I snagged some cans of this special offer, imported German "wheat" beers for W1,650 per 500 cc.

The price is not quite as good as store prices for local rice beers like Cass and Hite, but is pretty exceptional for an import. For comparison, a 500 cc Korean beer is W2,500 in a restaurant, while imports start at W5,500 and go to W9,000. The 5,0 represents the alcohol content, actually 5.2%.

Still, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and the taste of the beer is in the drinking: I have now had one of each, and they're all decent to good, with the Neptun winning my vote, but not by much.

I'm going to wed the beer to some chili for dinner tonight thanks to a Carroll Shelby's Chili Kit that my pal Jim in Itaewon picked up for me because he has on-base privileges. There's not a lot I miss from home, but generally speaking they are in the food arena. I love Korean food, but I miss: kosher dill pickles (sweet pickles are available here in profusion, but that's just not the same thing); a wide variety of reasonably priced cheeses (friends who came to dinner at 150 Boone were invariably presented with a cheese board appetizer); pastrami on rye; my own really good chili (I just can't find the chipoltles, some other peppers, and good chili beans); and grilling out on the back patio with my great view and a handful of friends.

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조안나 said...

I tried both those 5,0 beers... I was surprised when they actually had flavor, when compared to Korean beer... Not bad, for the price!