Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shampoo's Friend

Wow! It's hard to believe that tomorrow ends the fourth week of the new semester. And I'm pleased that it's off to a really great start. Once again, all my co-teachers are professional and engaged, and that makes a big difference!

I mentioned the department store lesson earlier, it's one I've used before, and which I "borrowed" and modified from Grammarman Comic. In addition to the Shopping with Mr Bean video, with the attendant worksheet, we watch a scene from "Love, Actually" between Alan Rickman and Rowan Atkinson, and finish up with the Mr Bean Makes a Sandwich video.

To build some vocabulary, the starter is to list a few items that can be found in various departments of an Allders (British dept. store) or E-Mart, let's say. That's where the photos I took at E-Mart come in. The reason I mention this is because of a couple of humorous moments during this activity.

One boy listed under Electronics: ODO. That's audio, of course, but I admire thinking outside the box.

Another group was unsure how to spell a word (not that spelling counts--for me! But for them, the perfection syndrome requires it) in their toiletries list, which was approximately, "lentz". I pointed at my glasses: "Lens?" No. They pointed at their hair: "Lentz!" Dunno how it got by me, knowing full well about the R/L confusion (not Right/Left, no), but I got a stellar clue from one of them: "Shampoo's friend!"

That would be "rinse". Brilliant!


Lifestyledesign said...


I actually just moved to the Deungchon-dong neighborhood (near Jeungmi station, close to the E-mart) and have been periodically reading your blog for the last several months.

I was curious if you knew of some nice, charming cafes in the area where one could work for 4-5 hours on a laptop during the day in a comfortable, relaxed setting? (Not a big fan of Starbucks or Paris Baguette personally).

Additionally, would you happen to know of a good fitness gym within walking distance of this area?

Thanks in advance for your time and please let me know if you'd like to have a glass of makgeolli or two sometime with an English-speaking couple.

Tuttle said...

Hi, LSD:

Dunno about a place to sit with wi-fi for 4-5 hours at a time, but certainly there are places to eat and some of them have wi-fi, or at least wi-fi-equipped laptop should find a signal.

There is a gym in the Blu 9 building, and there is a gym in the basement of my building, but I think it may be for residents only.

I <3 makgeolli.