Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Snow, Shoes

1) Almost unbelievably, it has snowed again in Seoul; I posted yesterday that Spring is scheduled to arrive this weekend, but try telling that to the sky, I guess. It started up in Gangseo-gu about five o'clock this evening, and has tapered off now after leaving a quarter-inch dusting and a slush on the roads and sidewalks.

2) Well, it isn't actually a shoe--or even a slipper:

... but the most ingeniously disguised pencil box I've ever seen. I saw this one today, and had to add it to the online collection. Click on "pencil boxes" in the label cloud at right to see more.

Meanwhile, one of my own school slippers has broken--a very nice pair of leather-upper Crocs--because one of the rivet-things that holds the strap on shattered when I banged against a desk. Very annoying.

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