Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Sign of Spring in Gangseo-gu

While the vernal equinox, this year on March 20, is the traditional symbol of the arrival of spring, here on the peninsula the Kaenari is the harbinger of warmer days and shorter nights to come.

There are only a few of them, but I spied them this morning on the way to school. I only had my cell cam, but here they are:

Kaenari 개나리 is also known as the sansuyu 산수유 and the Japanese cornel dogwood. It features prominently in a well-known Korean children's song, which Mr Hwang taught me last year. Today, he asked if I remembered it, and I do:
Na ri na ri kae na ri
Ip beh tta ta mul ko yo
Pyong ah ri tteh chong chong chong
Pom na tu ri kam ni ta.

Lily, lily, golden bell,
Pluck it, put it in your bill.
Bunch of chickies, hop, hop, hop!
Springtime outing, off they go.

There were also plentiful buds beginning to peek out, so in two weeks or so I shall post some shots of the whole hillside covered in yellow, where just last Wednesday was snow (or click here or scroll down).

You can use the "flowers" link in the label cloud to the right if you want to see photos of last years blossoms, or just return to this location periodically during the next two or three months as I upload this year's crop.

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